Reinstatement & FAQs

Thank you for your enquiry and interest in rejoining BCS.

In order to reinstate your membership, log in to MyBCS and navigate as follows:

Become a BCS member > Renew your lapsed membership

If you're unable to follow the link to complete your payment online, please contact the Customer Service team on +44 (0)1793 417 417.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What payment methods are supported for reinstatement?

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards (American Express, VISA & Mastercard)

Q:  Can I set up a Direct Debit for my membership subscription payments?

A:  Annual Direct Debits can be set up upon reinstatement - a 5% discount in your subscription fee will be applied when completing your payment by Direct Debit.  Monthly Direct Debits are not available at this time.

Q:  Can I reinstatement my Registrations along with my membership?

A:  Yes, however, depending on the length of time since you last held membership with BCS and whether or not you hold a Certificate of Current Competence, you may need to provide evidence for CPD (Continued Professional Development) as part of your reinstatement application.

Q:  Can I reinstatement my Registration alone without accompanying BCS membership?

A:  We require that all Registered and Chartered members hold an active BCS membership in order to maintain their Registrations and/or Chartered status.





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