Can Approved Centre Staff take BCS exams? (ACF)

Any staff who are involved in the management, invigilation, marking or verification of assessments, employed by your organisation may complete the assessment of BCS qualifications but will be required to follow additional requirements. The additional requirements are necessary to ensure that staff are not given any advantage when taking a qualification. It is critical that we maintain the security of the test banks and protect the integrity of BCS qualifications. 

The requirements are:

  • Only staff members who have never had any involvement with the delivery and live testing of the BCS qualifications, including administration and invigilation roles can take the tests
  • Staff members will be required to take the assessments with external Learners as part of a standard test session. If this is not possible, please contact the Quality Assurance Team for advice
  • Test sessions that include staff members require two Invigilators to oversee the session. A record of the two invigilators is to be retained at your centre for audit purposes


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