What training do you provide for our staff? - Approved Centre (ACF)

From January 2016 BCS introduced staff training on an e-learning platform (Lumo) to provide free training to all staff at your centre. 

Any new staff need to sign up for a an account here to access this e-learning and will need to complete all the modules that are applicable to your role before you will be given access to any systems.

There are 9 modules overall but not all of them need to be taken out depending on your role at the centre. The training can take anywhere between 45 mins to 2 hours to complete.

Most modules end with a knowledge check, you have to pass each of these with 100% to move onto the next. If you fail the same check 3 times you will have to contact BCS to get the module re-set. If you need the same module re-set more than 3 times you will need to talk to the Quality Assurance Team.

Please see the PDF attached below for the list of modules that you need to complete per role.

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