What are ATLAS Cloud system requirements?

Operating System

- Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

- Display resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels with 16k colours


Supported Browsers

Please see below a list of supported web browsers:

- Internet Explorer: Version 9 to 11 as noted below


In line with Microsoft’s policy on browser support, only the following versions of Internet Explorer will receive support:

Windows Desktop OS

Internet Explorer Version

Windows Vista SP2

Internet Explorer 9

Windows 7 SP1

Internet Explorer 11

Windows 8.1 Update

Internet Explorer 11

Windows 10

Internet Explorer 11


  • Firefox: Latest Version
  • Google Chrome†: Latest Version

† Google Chrome versions 45+ no longer support Java; please use the PSI Java-free Plug-in.


Internet Connection

Download speed requirements vary with the number of users and usage patterns.

We recommend at least 60 Kbit/s per user, but no less than 500 Kbit/s of total available capacity.


PSI In-application

Only Microsoft® Windows operating systems can run an in-application test.


Supported Microsoft® Office

In-application tests are available for the following Microsoft Office components:

- Microsoft® Word

- Microsoft® Excel

- Microsoft® PowerPoint

- Microsoft® Access (Professional and Professional Plus only)

- Microsoft® Project 2010/2013


For setup of your systems for testing please refer to the full detailed setup PSI System requirement guide. This includes firewall settings and permissions settings.


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