I’m struggling to afford my BCS membership fee - what options are available to me?

There are various ways to reduce your membership, such as tax relief, paying by direct debit, encouraging your employer to pay and in times of hardship we can offer reduced rate if you meet the eligibility criteria. Full details below.

Ways to reduce your membership fee

Your BCS membership is valuable to your professional development. There are a number of options to help you reduce the cost of your membership so whatever your circumstances you can continue to get the most out of your membership.

Claim tax relief
If you are a UK tax payer you might be able to claim tax relief on your membership subscription fee. For further information visit our reduced fees page.

Pay by Direct Debit
If you are a UK bank account holder and pay your membership by direct debit you save an additional 5% off your annual subscription. Visit our reduced fees page for further information. Sign up online in the Secure Area or contact the BCS Customer Service team.

Group Membership 
Ask your employer if they would be interested in setting up a Group Membership Scheme. If they agree then they would pay your subscription fees for you. For information visit our Organisational membership page or call +44 (0)1793 417 417.

Alternatively, your employer may be willing to help subsidise your fee to support your professional development.

Other ways to reduce your membership fee

Temporary reduced rate
If your employment circumstances have changed, you may be eligible to apply for a reduction in your membership fee. For guidance and an application form, visit our Temporary Reduced Rate page

Retired rate
If you are planning to retire, or have recently retired, you can continue your membership at a reduced rate. For guidance and an application form, visit our Retired member subscription page.

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