In which order should my post-nominal letters appear?

Members are encouraged to display the designatory letters to which they are entitled whenever appropriate. The order of designatory (post-nominal) letters is complex and open to a certain amount of interpretation. The accepted authority on this subject is ‘Debrett’s Correct Form’.

Normally these should appear after decorations, degrees and chartered letters. Members holding CEng should also display the designatory letters of the institution through which they are registered immediately after the CEng. Conventionally, members holding Chartered status (CITP) display this immediately after their membership letters (e.g. FBCS CITP or MBCS CITP). However, as CITP may now be awarded by other organisations it may also be displayed separately.

Some examples:

Mr Frank James MBE, FBCS

Mr Frank James MBE, RITTech, MBCS

Mr Frank James MBE, CEng, RITTech, MBCS CITP

Mr Frank James MBE, MSc, CEng, MBCS, MIET

Mr Frank James MBE, BSc (Hon), MBCS CITP

Mr Frank James MBE, MSc, CSci, CITP, MIET

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