Known issues accessing the online e-Learning.

The reason the page may not loading may be due to the security settings on your network. Please speak with your IT team to check that the site is not being blocked. 

The following link should help with settings:

 You can also try the following: 

  • Compatibility view – the site may need to be added in order to view the webpage contents (this is in Internet Explorer)
    • Java – check whether you are using the latest version JavaScript and ensure it is enabled
    • Flash Player – if Flash Player isn’t up to date, you may not be able to see all contents of web page
    • Browser – the webpage may only be viewable via specific browsers, i.e. only in internet explorer or google chrome
    • Trusted Sites – what security settings are for browser/how high/low the settings are – whether or not the site has been allowed as a trusted site

 If you can’t get in, change the password on the account and try again. If you are still unsuccessful then you will need to let us know to raise the issue with Agylia

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