What is included in the Digital Skills packages?

Digital Skills is split into registrations, courseware, assessments and exams. The courseware is done through either Gemini or Mosaic, and the assessments and exams are done on BQS.

When ordering Digital Skills, you will order the registrations, only, which includes everything within the package.

  • Digital Skills Award – 1 registration:
    • 4 credits x 3 year e-learning licence
    • 4 assessment credits (1 per unit)
    • 8 exam credits (1 per unit, plus a resit per unit)
  • Digital Skills Certificate – 1 registration:
    • 1 credit x 3 year e-learning licence
    • 7 assessment credits (1 per unit)
    • 14 exam credits (1 per unit, plus a resit per unit)

The reason behind the Award has 4 credits for the e-learning licence and the Certificate only has 1 is because the Award is a module licence on Gemini/Mosaic and will take a credit per Unit enrolled. Whereas the Certificate is 1 credit per user.

The registration does contain the assessment and exam credits but this is not specifically attached to the learner. The credits will go into the “pot” which all candidates can take credits from. If a candidate passes all assessments and exams first time you will have spare credits, whereas if the candidate takes more than 1 attempt for the assessments and 2 attempts for the exams then they will dip into the “pot”.

You can order Diagnostic Assessment and Exam only packs as well. You would do this when you run out of credits and just need to top up your account.

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